~ Callanetics ~

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Callanetics is a series of core based exercises that tighten, strengthen and invigorate the body.  It is renowned for it’s quick results in reshaping the body while helping to relieve back and joint pain problems.  Callanetics teaches students to discover and use their intrinsic musculature to encourage a healthy spine the core of good posture and a healthy body.  Widely popular in the 1980’s Callan it’s founder developed the program to bring her body  back into form after years of neglect and IMG_0166suffering from chronic back and knee pain.As a result of her routine based on her background of dance and bodywork, including yoga, tai chi and belly dancing she found a new healthy and tightened body.  She was encouraged to teach and share her knowledge.  The current program now called EVOLUTIONAL  CALLANETICS  was revised and validated by experts in the field under the tutelage of Callan Pinckney and is based on Traditional Callanetics.

These exercises are precise with quick results. Safe for practically anyone of any age. Callan’s mother learned Callanetics in her 70’s strengthening her body and keeping up her   routine to keep her good posture into her eighties.  One hour a day a few time a week or less will give you a new look and feel to life.

Callanetics techniques are highly respected and are now integrated into many popular body enhancement companies that use similar techniques to Callan.  I am a certified evolutional callanetics teacher and teach her techniques as well as drawing from my training and experience in yoga, qi gong, body strengthening  and balancing techniques. .