(Carolyn teaches restorative yoga classes during the lunch hour at my place of work. I attend her classes as often as my busy schedule allows. Carolyn welcomes all levels and encourages personal exploration. Her unique blend of yoga, qigong, self message, and meditation leave me feeling relaxed and renewed. That Carolyn embodies the spirit of yoga is made clear by her genuine calming presence. She also knows how to mix things up and have fun! As a regular practitioner of yoga, I have studied with a number of different teachers. I can honestly say that Carolyn has a depth of understanding and a delivery style unlike any other. Her guided meditations are the best.) -Elaine Beauvais – Nov. 2016

(Carolyn’s yoga class has been a very positive experience for me – it refreshes my mind and body! She is very mindful of how each person’s body is different and I really appreciate her recognition of those differences as she leads us through various poses. My limited flexibility has been enhanced by her insight and encouragement to adopt certain poses into my daily routine.) -Bruce Walker-  April, 2017

(Carolyn’s class helps keep me pain and injury free so that I can pursue lots of other activities that I love, like cycling, hiking and dancing. She gently guides us to stretch and work parts of the body that support all kinds of healthy functioning. I always leave the class in a better frame of mind than I started; a real bonus during a hectic work day.) -Amanda – April, 2017

(After the first class with Carolyn I was able to sleep well through the night and stopped going to my therapist)  -Kathy.-

(I have inner ear issues that affect my balance….After working with Carolyn I am more stable and balanced.) -Lynn-

(I need back surgery and am in pain but after Carolyn’s classes my pain is minimized and sometimes disappears completely.) -Kristin-

(My doctor is now giving me the same advice that I was taught by Carolyn for controlling my incontinence at night.)

(I work better after taking a class with Carolyn. I hear her voice in my head saying “ are your shoulders down?”)