About Me

I was born in the country on Long Island, New York and found refuge in nature at a very young age.  In my late teens I became fascinated with yoga books from the 1930’s and started experimenting with asanas.  I became a yoga teacher in 1973 while studying mom_butterflysIntegral Yoga with Swami Satchitananda in New York City.  In the following years I studied various yoga styles, Tai Chi, and was drawn to body alignment techniques.  My travels to Asia connected me to meditation and different styles of yoga including Iyengar and Tibetan yoga. All of this helped in deepening my practice.  Yoga is a way of life for me and I continue to practice, do retreats and learn.

I am an artist (see Portraits page) and yoga practitioner and lived in Nepal for over 20 years. I taught art professionally at various institutions in Nepal, Southeast Asia and the USA. During my career I have been engaged in art, film making and theater.

In the flow of my artistic and spiritual development I particularly focused on the healing aspects of creative work and developed a workshop in Creative Mandala Art which I conducted regularly with great success at various centers in Kathmandu from 1995 through 2005. The importance of mandalas and working in a circle became apparent to me in California in the mid 70’s when I started painting on rounded wood and discovered that the emerging forms were directly connected to my inner self at that very moment . I was painting what was going on inside myself. Very much the same process that Carl Jung discusses in his work with mandalas done by himself and his patients….

carolynGina Halpern, an artist who works with healing through the arts stayed with us years ago in Kathmandu and did a mandala workshop; I remember saying to her at that time that I felt I had lost my creativity. It was through a lot of body work mainly yoga, a strong and renewed spiritual connection with my teacher and through working with students that I found my way back to the center of my own mandala. I have found in my life that whenever I finish a long term mandala it is a major turning point in my life and that the classes I guide effortlessly guide themselves.

What gives me the greatest satisfaction is to see people wholeheartedly looking for a their center, not self-centeredness, but their center in relation to life forces around us, a process of giving and taking, healing and being healed, loving and being loved. [ see MANDALA CREATIVE ART WORKSHOPS ]

I hold a degree in Fine Arts from Kent State University in Ohio, USA and a Diploma in Education from the University of London, England. I taught art for many years at Lincoln International School in Kathmandu, Nepal and lived in Brunei, Borneo for 3 years teaching first grade and then art to high school students along with teaching yoga to residents there. I worked in the film industry in California and theater in New York City.

My strong interest in nature led me to the landscaping of some projects in Nepal. Carolyn I was active in Buddhism in Nepal taking teaching from many teachers and in particular the Karma Kagyu lineage in Nepal. I lived for almost twenty years in a charming old Newar house overlooking the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas.

My strength is in helping relax and release your blocked energies allowing the expression of individual creative energies. I bring awareness to what you are doing pointing out the futility of striving. I encourage relaxing and following the path of least resistance by letting go and connecting to the intuitive self. At the same time I bring awareness to your body alignment.