Creative Art Mandala Workshops

Connecting the link to the creative self

“A movement towards trusting the inner self, evocative, relaxing and effective, a very good set up for encouraging such good drawings.” -Students Comment.


By gently breaking down pre-conceptions and judgements about ourselves Carolyn helps open doors by reconnecting the links to our true creative nature. With her subtle guidance participants work with their deeply personal self that is usually ignored in our hectic daily lives. The results are rewarding on many levels — in many cases transformative — as some find the beginning of new paths in their lives.

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man10Using relaxation and visualization to help find the source of personal imagery, Carolyn moves the participants through mind bending drawing exercises to help break down preconceptions and inhibitions while drawing.

Brief explanations of Buddhist, Jungian, and Hindu Mandalas are some of the many areas touched upon as part of the discussion of universal Mandala symbolism.

Since Mandala painting is a form of meditation no artistic talent or experience is needed for these workshops. Art materials will be supplied
Mandalas are drawings made inside a circle and through the circle, which is the most profound shape in life. Healing is often achieved through closer understanding of our own individual nature and how we fit into the life around us.

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